Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lease Not Renewed: Hmmm

So it develops that my landlord has decided not to renew my yearly lease, after five years living in this building. Now I wonder: is it because of what I wrote on about his policy of not telling people that this building has bedbugs (and mice, and the odd cockroach)...? Because it's something I've told the odd new tenant face-to-face, as well. He warns no one, and in fact told me directly when I asked upon moving in that there wasn't a pest problem here... Suuuuure there isn't.

...Or is it because of that time I left a pot on the gas stove and went to a doctor's appointment, necessitating that the fire department come to turn it off, after the fire alarms went off in (he says) the building? I mean, I inconvenienced a few people, but the only thing that got damaged was the pot the water'd been in.

Either way, it was looking like I was moving in with my parents soon, anyhow, so in fact, the timing is just right. Maybe it's time to go live in Maple Ridge for a year, change my life a bit. It would be very good for all concerned: me, my parents... and I could stand not to see what's happening to the city, frankly. I had a minute walking down Granville Street today of complete disorientation: it was a block I've been on a million times, approaching Granville and Robson from the Skytrain station, and I did not recognize my surroundings one whit. The Winners and Future Shop signs could have been in any city in Canada. Where the hell am I? Oh yeah, that's Robson Street.

I wonder what I'll do with this blog if I move? If you think I'm "Alienated in Vancouver," you should SEE me in Maple Ridge... I mean, trust me: I grew up there. And it's not going to be so easy to cover shows or films if I'm busing in from the suburbs.

Hm. Interesting times.

(Mom got into a good rehabilitation program. I was able to say hi to her on the phone tonight (I'm back at work - must pay the bills, since I have next month off and a move ahead). She's saying a few words and can play a good game of rummy, though cribbage is still a bit of a challenge - some of her math went with her syntax.

Anyhow, since I'm in the city anyhow... gonna go see Eugene. See y'all at The Cobalt.

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