Sunday, July 16, 2006

Writing Addiction

It's weird... I've been intensely involved in writing this last week: I finished my upcoming Cinema Aspirant column, on Kinji Fukasaku, and interviewed and wrote up articles on Efrim Menuck (of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mount Zion), Carla Bozulich, and Nomeansno (all of which will be appearing in Discorder next month). Alongside with the correspondence and research that's gone into making these articles happen, I've spent probably as much time at my computer this week as I have at my dayjob. What's strange is that now that it's all more or less over -- the articles might get some fine tuning, but the bulk of the work is done -- there's a feeling of comedown, of mild depression, of not knowing what to do with myself. The nature of the communications involved in interviewing, researching and writing is so intense and substantial that there are few social interactions that can really hold their own against it, and I cast about, looking for something to do... I guess I could go see A Scanner Darkly again (it's a successful adaptation, tho' I'm going to need to see it a couple of more times to really get a handle on how I feel about it)... Then again, there's that Pink Floyd thing playing at the Cinematheque, from the Syd Barrett days... I guess I could do my laundry, too. I dunno. Anyone got any suggestions?

What I need is a writing gig that PAYS...

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