Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer of the Mouse

I somehow imagine it's related to the heat. I've lived here two years; other tenants I've spoken to have lived here seven. Suddenly this summer -- mice. I've caught and killed one and seen two others so far -- one just a few minutes ago, zooming around the kitchen, evading the glue traps I'd set. (Said other tenant says they're similarly dodging the conventional traps). I decided I'd try my hand at building a better moustrap -- something non-fatal, since my killing of that last mouse still disturbs me. I took a simple (lidded) cardboard box with a ramp leading up to it; cut a flap in one lid, to use as a ramp by which the mouse could climb inside; put some bread into the box; and left it in the kitchen. The theory is, the mouse climbs the ramp, smells the bread, climbs inside, and can't get out again. It might work. I would much rather catch a mouse that way than in the glue.

Meantime, I have involuntary pets. It's a somewhat discomfiting feeling...

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Kim Ayres said...

Just looking at your Mouse post here. We had a problem a month or 2 back:

After the advice of a few commenters on my entry we got one of these high-frequency/pulse through the cables things that you plug into a socket and it does the equivalent of having a car alarm going off in the ears of any rodents, permanently. Eventually they get fed up and move out. After 2 weeks we didn't have any more problems.