Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blog Format Problem

For some reason, links to all past articles, the archived months, and my profile, no longer appear at the head of the page, but rather, at the bottom. You have so scroll WAY down to access this stuff. Sorry about that! I've contacted Blogger Support but they've yet to get back to me, so there's really not much I can do -- I don't want to lose writing by re-selecting the blog template, so... You may have to just get used to it.

Alternately, if you click on the time of posting of any one article, it brings up my profile and so forth... If you want a shortcut.


Mathew Englander said...

As I mentioned, your blog does format correctly under Firefox (profile etc. in upper-right corner).

The format is wrong (profile etc. in bottom-right corner) when I view your blog with Internet Explorer.

Hope that helps resolve the issue.

Allan MacInnis said...

Hm. Thanks, Matthew. If Blogger support ever get back to me, I'll mention it. I think that all of this began happening after the April 25th Microsoft update; they must have done something to IE... Will work on it.

Kim Ayres said...

The problem of your layout comes from you having something wider in one of your posts than the standard width. This then pushes everything just a bit too wide and your right-hand column suddenly shoots to the bottom of the page.

Sometimes it can be an image that does it, but it can also be a piece of unbroken text (no spaces).

A quick glance down your page and my guess is it's the link you have on your July 17th post - it's longer than any other piece of unbroken text on the page so is the most likely culprit. Whether Firefox auto corrects this or not I couldn't say, but IE hates it.

All you need to do is break the link into 2 lines. You can retain the hyperlink quality of it, but you need to shorten it. Do that and miraculously you will have your right-hand column back where it should be.

Hope that helps/makes sense. If not, you can find my email on my profile.

I came in via Dave's blog by the way.

Allan MacInnis said...

Woo! Kim, thank you! I had actually thought somethin' like that might be the problem, but I hadn't spotted the long line! My blog is repaired!