Thursday, October 06, 2016


The Rebels Sing gig was astonishing. Really fun getting odd comments from Erin ("I feel like I'm standing front row at my own gig"), and intense performances from a bunch of people, especially Jesse LeBourdais, and two people I left out of my article for Westender, Meeka Morgan and Doug Naugler. Plus Soiled Doves and the Royal City Rebels were great. I didn't catch all of ATD, but they seemed holy-shit-intense. Elliott did an amazing cover of "Pride and Prejudice" with his new band Freak Dream, who seem like they're going to be a force to be reckoned with. I'm growing to like the punkier stuff on the comp, too.

As for now, I have stuff up on the BC Musician website... Huckle, and a pending Joey Only feature. And a new West Ender feature on Psych Fest iii this Saturday. But I don't have the energy to track down links. I've had a busy week, helping prepare a Filipina woman for her immigration test, which involves memorizing a lot of Canadian trivia.

I saw The Ornithologist today at VIFF and loved about one third of it, was puzzled but compelled by a third, and frustrated and annoyed by the a third. Mostly I liked the birds (except the white dove).

Anyhow, happy Thanksgiving, etc. More to come here soon.

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