Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Braineater Boxing Day!

I got to chat very pleasantly with Jim Cummins at A Christmas party the other week, asking him, among other things, to clear up a memory for me: was he hit in the head with a can or a bottle when I saw him perform in front of the Dead Kennedys at York Theatre, in October 1985? He immediately launched into a story about being hit in the head with a bottle - which somehow touched on a horrible cavity/ filling issue he was having that night, the exploding bottle giving him brief release from tooth pain. I was somewhat drunk, so I couldn't quite keep track of all the details - but the show he was remembering was definitely PAUSED by the flying bottle, which is not what happened at the Dead Kennedys show; he didn't miss a beat, as I recall, so he concluded, "it must have been a can."

Here's wishing I, Braineater a projectile-free gig at LanaLou's this Saturday! I might just be there, if I'm not still sick.

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