Monday, November 12, 2012

26's "Animals" (Crucifucks-related)

Vegans, animal rights activists, and animal lovers might find this an interesting punk song - off 26's album The Messiah. Of course, 26 is the artist formerly known as Doc Corbin Dart, who used to be the lead singer of the revered Michigan punk band the Crucifucks. I'm kind of fascinated by him. He seems a bit troubled now - according to the reports one hears, he's basically boarded up his house, which Tesco Vee tells me is close to the swanky part of Michigan, has been eschewing relations with the outside world to focus on spiritual exercises, and has made many raccoon friends for company (you see one of them in the image for that song, his most recent album cover). Oh, and he apparently has declared himself the Messiah, and, while rejecting his former band's name, as being too confrontational - he now calls them the Christmas Folks - has been publicly advocating infanticide (perhaps not seriously - he always was a provocateur). I suppose some people would say that writing songs like "Cops for Fertilizer" wasn't all that strong an indicator of good mental health, back in the day, either, though in context (1980's hardcore) it really wasn't THAT extreme... well, maybe a little. Personally, I would very much like to discover that Doc Dart - err, 26 - is in a good mindset these days, feelin' happy and in-control, and is staying creative... because this song is stunningly good, and the sentiment - that we have to "get right with the animals" - is very true. 

Read more on 26/ Doc Dart here. And if you don't know, listen again and try to guess what more famous rock band the drummer for "Cops for Fertilizer" went on to play with...

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