Thursday, August 06, 2009

Strike that: Damo Suzuki Saturday at the Biltmore

Sigh... Sorry, Removal. I was going to go to a film noir instead of your show at Pub 340 (see below), but now I realize that (former Can vocalist - YOU KNOW, Can?) Damo Suzuki is playing at the Biltmore (not sure with who - I think there's going to be some improv/jamming involved with locals, but he might have some o' his people with him, too...). I think I have to go to that. Sad it's an early show, but... I may even arrive to see the opening acts (I've always liked Sex Negatives' name).

So, like, sorry, but Removal is in third place. But then, I've seen you twice (or thrice?), and I've only seen Damo once - the night he hugged me. He was playing here with Can's now departed guitarist, Michael Karoli, at I think The Gate on Granville about eleven years ago, and I was dancin' at the front of the stage ('n' I almost never dance) in this tacky loud electric blue-on-black shirt, absolutely loving it, when the spirit moved Damo and he leapt down and gave all the front-row dancers big hugs. 'Cept my friend Liz: her he kissed.

So I kinda gotta go see him again, see?

...Tho' I guess if it's an early show, the Pub 340 gig might still be going on by the time it's finished. Hmm...

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