Thursday, July 27, 2006

Great Nomeansno timeline

I'm working on some really cool Nomeansno stuff (and have a mini-interview with the band in next month's Discorder). Their new album, All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt, is to be released on August 22nd, and is the most fun thing they've done -- it promises to be the next Wrong. In the meantime, while you wait for further writing from me and the release of the disc, here's an excellent timeline prepared by Exclaim magazine, giving the backstory of the band up to 2000. Image courtesy of John Chedsey and the Nomeanswhatever website.


D.M said...

ammacinn, I bow before you in homage, I prostrate myself humbly at your feet!
Oh what news! Nomeansno have to be my favorite band and I never heard that they were doing a new LP, infact I thought they had passed away from old age. I am now so excitied I won't be able to sleep. Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but I'm really glad I chanced across your blog. I'm sure I'm going to read the rest of your entries and check out the links.
Saw the lads in Glasgow a couple of years back, i bought a Kill Everyone Now (the people's choice) t-shirts, but I live in Glasgow and it can get quite confrontational wearing that thing.
Anyway, thanks.

Allan MacInnis said...

Dave - glad to break the news to someone. Check out for a lot more! Their tour listings don't include any Glasgow dates as yet, but they stop with the band in France in December... So maybe there's more to be posted...!

I also feel a bit self-conscious in my Kill Everyone Now shirt...