Thursday, October 07, 2021

4:36 am

So I end up with a lot of drool. Couple of times now, I've had puddles of yellow drool on my pillow when I woke up. I don't relish swallowing it, even in my sleep, so I often also have a cracked dry throat, with the drool I am not swallowing just pooled in my mouth.

My sleep schedule is out of whack from Erika's, because I just go back to bed when I'm tired, which was twice yesterday afternoon. Nothing helps while away time between meds like sleeping.

Anyhow I got out of bed to spit and pee and now sitting here. It seems have an abundance of time and no plan to use it - not just now, with Erika still trying to get her Zzz's before work, but for the next couple of weeks. I have 14 days in a row off! (And maybe more, depending on how well I heal).

I'm still not quite gung-ho to tackle a big project yet - I do have a couple in mind - but I'm mostly on the "just want to watch some movies" page, revisiting old favourites...  not sure where to go next. I wish there was a blu-ray of John Frankenheimer's Black Sunday available - the blimp terrorism one. That would be perfect for my needs right now. Alas, all I have is the non-anamorphic widescreen DVD, which could look so much better. Never came out in R1 blu, it seems. 

I kind of need a great film I *haven't* seen before, but...

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