Saturday, April 25, 2020

Meditate with Stephen Hamm!

I have not yet meditated with Stephen Hamm's two new Theremin meditations, nor joined him for his Sunday meditations. Truth is, I am an infrequent meditator, so much so that even though I am on a Lou Reed kick lately, I have also not even tried Lou Reed's album of meditation music, the final studio album Reed recorded. I have only ever owned one album that was overtly for meditation, Music for Zen Meditation, which my late friend Thomas Ziorjen once called Music for Zen Medication, by Tony Scott. I don't know that I ever meditated to it. Sometimes I have zoned out to a bit of ambient noise, Lustmord, or fall  asleep to 'music to sleep to' by Robert Rich, and occasionally, flooded with neurotransmitters, I have sat and listened to landscapes and soundscapes, eyes-closed-alone-on-the-riverbank, like, with bats swooping up sips of water and/or eating the little bugs that swarmed above it, out in Maple Ridge... which is as close to meditation as I have done, I would have to say. To the extent that I have meditated, I have never really meditated WITH anyone, unless you count team Headspace sessions at work. I am not sure I am ready to meditate with Stephen Hamm! 

But I can let you all know about it, so those of you who could use a good calming down right now (or some social contact, or music, or a combination thereof) can avail yourselves. Hamm writes:

I'm excited to announce as you Theremin Man two new instrumental Theremin meditation pieces for your enjoyment. There is a download attached to this email and if you'd like the other one please visit to download. 
And join me every Sunday evening at 8pm PST for a live performance of chill and relaxing Theremin music and meditation at 
Who knows, maybe by the end of COVID-19, I'll be meditating online with y'all...

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