Friday, April 21, 2017

Welcome Back, Nardwuar! (...and hi, Billy)

Happy to see that the Evaporators will be playing Record Store Day at Neptoon tomorrow!

Going to also have a Billy Hopeless thing in the Straight online, taking in three shows he's playing at - StanFest, which is also tomorrow; Jaystock, next week; and the JFK "fuck band" thing, happening again May 1st at the Revel Room, taking the form of a tribute to Howard Rix and Brian Goble. I don't think the article is online yet but it should be, soon. You can prolly head straight from Neptoon to the Fairview for StanFest... the SLIP~ons are going to play, and the Nervous Fellas... should be a fun night.

I guess winter is over!

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