Thursday, April 27, 2017

Missed one! An Evening of Motorhead

Almost neglected to mention that also this weekend, there's a Motörhead tribute at Pat's Pub on Friday.  Car 87, Motorama, the Fucking Unicorns - click the link to see who is playing.

I will now - because I have no clue how to find an umlaut on my keyboard - go find the name "Motörhead" elsewhere online WITH the umlaut, cut the "ö," and paste it in every time I have written the word "Motörhead."

By the way, if you haven't read it, my BC Musician interview with wendythirteen is online here. And lest you think I received payment for what is obviously an ad, below, no, I didn't, I just cut and pasted it from the No Bollocks page, in the absence of any other graphic:

Oh, apparently Betty Bathory has something going on - or the Squidling Brothers do, whoever they are, and she's helping plug it. That's on Monday, which (see previous post) I'm already double booked for. But anyhow...

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