Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Most Vancouver Issue of Razorcake Ever?

Five great reasons why Vancouver punks and music fans should buy the new issue (#42) of Razorcake:

1. Chris Walter interviews the Tranzmitors, with photos by Bev Davies and Femke van Delft, with a great Bev Davies cover photo
2. I interview the Rebel Spell, with photos by Femke van Delft and Jen Dodds
3. Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Hilary Duff (is anyone else so unplugged from the Matrix that they have no fucking clue who Hilary Duff is? I, personally, am proud of shit like that. Here's her Wiki, though, if you care).
4. Tons of reviews, as always, including notes on DOA's The Black Spot, with John Wright of Nomeansno on drums.
5. And even tho' it ain't technically Vancouver-related, the article on the US Air Guitar Championships by Joe Evans III looks like it'll be really fun to read. Makes me glad I gave Femke an Air Guitar Nation for Christmas.

I have nothing against Hunchback or Wounded Lion, note: I just don't know who they are. Yet.

I'm proud to be involved with this magazine. This is good shit that they're doin'... locally you can buy Razorcake at Scratch Records and I-ain't-sure-where-else-yet.

Pardon the self-promotion!

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