Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dishrags? ...ah, at last...

So y'all know the Pointed Sticks play the Red Room August 25th, and some of you mighta heard about the Furies CD release party Saturday night at the Jem Gallery. The news, though - the news! - is that the Dishrags are going to perform onstage with the Furies at Richards on Richards, Saturday August 18th. The lineup, I'm told, is:

The Furies
The Dishrags - the original
The Bug Nasties - from Seattle
The Search Parties
Tkts. $15.00. Also available @ Bonerattle Music,
Highlife, Noize to Go, Red Cat, Scratch and Zulu.

The Dishrags were really, really cool to see at the Vancouver Complication gig - fast, tight, and very, very fun. Anyone with a concern for Vancouver punk should BE THERE; unfortunately, I didn't find out about it in time to get a feature in any of our local papers, but here's hopin' someone did - this shit is NEWS!

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