Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Odd Dream

In the dream, I have herpes, or some other odd condition - a cluster of black spots at the base of my glans, on the right side. I don't actually have any STDs in real life, but I had a scare awhile back, and in the dream, it turns out that I was mistaken in thinking I was okay. The blood tests must have been wrong, I remember my dreaming self thinking. I'm wandering around a shopping mall, thinking about how it's going to be even MORE impossible for me to meet women now, feeling, all the while, a burning, itching pain in my penis. I'm supposed to meet my parents at a certain place in the mall; we're going to watch a video screening of an anti-war film, based on a book by someone called Stephen Fry (no relation to the British humourist, or any real author, whatsoever). The screening is to be held in a video lounge/cafeteria strikingly similar to the one at my workplace, where I will probably (in real life) be showing a film to my coworkers tomorrow. Fry is in attendance - and I'm shocked at how young he is, envious that someone so young should have written a book. He hands me a copy, and I ask him to sign it - but it turns out it is already signed, though not personalized. My parents are sitting at another table while I talk with Fry and try to decipher his inscription - he's written something on the page, but I can't quite read it.

Then I look up and realize everyone is gone, Fry and my family included. The cafeteria is deserted, I'm alone, and the film has not started. As I get up and start exploring, I see that there is one older cleaning woman behind a counter; I walk up to her and ask where everyone is. She says that I must have missed the announcement - a typhoon is coming, and everyone has evacuated the mall, to hide in their cars in the parking lot.

I walk away, thinking to myself, that doesn't make any sense: why would people hide in their cars in the event of a typhoon? Wouldn't the mall be safer?

I try to conceal my discomfort at the cluster of black sores on my prick and resolve to stay hidden in the mall. Then my (real-life) alarm clock goes off, and I have to wake up and get ready for work.

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