Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Japan-Vancouver Punk Rock Cultural Interchange Continues (in which I tip my hand as a possible translator and middleman)

D.O.A. / DISCO SUCKS (2005/08/21)
[QUINTESSENCE - CAN] HardZCore 7inch 6800 yen
コンディション ジャケ:EX+ / 盤:EX+

Heh. How about that, "Disco Sucks" is worth almost $70 Canadian in Japan! (I see the yen has continued to fall; how about that). We can probably make some money here, folks...

I'm pestering the Japanese with my hidoi bumpo no nihongo (悪い日本文法, maybe, if you trust Babelfish, which I don't) about the recent Pointed Sticks tour (see below). This leads me to Recordshop BASE and the Big Boss over there, Toshio, whose stories and opinions I really want!

Toshio, if you're reading this, YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!

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