Monday, February 27, 2006

Difficult to Explain

One of those trivial amusements I sometimes report.

( a convenience store where I was working, I once had a customer microwave a butter tart in a tinfoil package, which caused the microwave to start to smoke, spit sparks, and ultimately to melt -- there was a big hole inside. Then there's the story about the drunk who tried to shoplift a can of tuna by stuffing it down the front of his track pants. I had to clean it, tho' honestly I can't remember if I put it back on the shelf, or just left it with a note for the manager... And then there's the one about the Slurpee syrup container that had green sheets of mold growing in it, which I was instructed to scoop off the surface during the night shift, since it kept regenerating; the station was changing hands and the old owners didn't want to pay to get the machines professionally cleaned, and would continue to sell Slurpees during the day. If a convenience store clerk ever says, "trust me, you really don't want to drink that," but refuses to explain -- don't ask questions, and, for God's sake, trust him).

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