Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Father Made Jack Layton Smile (he might need it now)

I feel like I'm living among strangers. Not even Svend gets in?

Here's a story. My father is going to the racetrack, see? Gets on a bus full of NDP campaigners. He's studying the racetrack program and takes awhile to realize that the guy sitting next to him with the laptop is Jack Layton. He offers the following to Layton and one of his campaign workers: that he's been a lifelong Tory (Layton and worker frown), but this election he asked his son who to vote for, because his son represents the future of Canada; and his son said Jack Layton, so that's who he's going to vote for. Layton gave a big grin and had the moment videotaped, shaking my father's hand.

Good thing my father didn't say the bit about how "Layton smiles too much and looks like a professional politician, but anything's better than Harper."

Interestingly, he lost more at the track yesterday than he has in months.

Mantra for the new year: they only got a minority... they only got a minority...

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v said...

Thanks... I was having trouble putting my feelings about Layton into words. He's too polished to be NDP.