Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update on swelling, plus I Drink Your Blood

Sore and miserable and weak, but the codeine tapering might be the lion's share of that. But I'm all swollen in my arms still, very stiff in the hands - for the better part of the day, on my right hand I could only touch my thumb to my index finger and middle, though I can get it as far as the ring now (with some pain).

Anyhow, the doctor who reassessed me this morning did not think it was a medication reaction, largely because it was very asymmetrical. He thought - as did the emerg guy who saw me briefly - that the swelling in my right arm was possibly the result of a clot preventing the arm from draining properly, caused by the IV.

So that means another hour or so of being poked in search of a new IV spot, when I go back in tonight. It also meant that after this morning's antibiotics, I made my way to medical imaging for an ultrasound on my arm. Presumably I will know later today if I have clotting; I might be put on blood thinners.

Before I go back to the hospital, since I have no IV's taped in me at present, I'm going to shave both my arms and try to clean some of the grey tape residue of them, in the course of a long hot bath.


Oh: Shane Burzynski has announced on Facebook the final Northwest Horror Show title, and the one Lynn Lowry will be Q&Aing: I Drink Your Blood. This is awesome and unexpected (I was seriously guessing Shivers). More to come on that. May I be well by then. The film sets up a delightful horror situation, never elsewhere replicated, wherein Satanic bikers on acid are given rabies-infested pot pies and go on a rampage in a small town. You don't get that sort of set up every day. It famously used to screen with an unrelated film called I Eat Your Skin; and presumably the title inspired that of the later Lynn Lowry movie, I Spill Your Guts.

I doubt very much "I drink your milkshake" has any bearing here, however.

Back to the hospital in a little over an hour. Got to eat lunch and bathe and shave off my arm hairs. Might shave my neck while I'm at it, I'm getting pretty fuzzy.

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