Monday, January 21, 2008


My building has bedbugs. It's been an ongoing problem, even in the west end, which I live on the fringes of; a couple of years ago, there was talk of the bugs travelling from apartment to apartment through connected storage spaces once used for Morris beds, but things died down after a spraying and I thought the problem was licked. Recently, though, some tenants - across the hall and several floors up - are complaining of massive infestations, and people have lived in the building for years are moving. I'm told one tenant had their apartment sprayed more than a half-dozen times, to no avail. A recent article in the Georgia Straight about the spread of bedbugs in the city gives me little-to-no hope that the problem will be resolved; and after having read about the little bastards for the last hour, and heard from a friend in the building just how bad things are, my skin is now crawling with phantom tingles and itches, almost as bad as that herpes scare I had... Jeezus, I don't want bedbugs! I don't want to have to throw out my furniture! I don't want to be fed on by bloodsuckers while I sleep! ...things... crawling... on... meeeeee...: Fuck! Get me out of here!

At least the mouse problem got solved...


Christopher O said...

Oh MAN, that must suck...I feel for you, even if I'm lucky to not have 'em. The cat brought in fleas a few years back and they return every summer, so I knowabout the itches, phantom or otherwise.

Maybe its time to get a new place like you were talking about in an old post?

ammacinn said...

Yeah... I was getting comfortable here again, don't really want to move... but jeez: bedbugs?