Monday, July 30, 2007

Ingmar Bergman has died

Cinema has lost one of its greatest voices.


ammacinn said...

Make that TWO of its greatest voices - Antonioni died a few hours later.

A friend of mine asked today, "Who is next," and really, I couldn't come up with an answer - I couldn't think of anyone still alive with this sort of stature in the world of cinema (though I personally will mourn the passing of Peter Watkins, still alive and, to my knowledge, in retirement). The death of such great artists - largely unheralded in our trivial, um, "entertainment media" - truly lessens the world, leaves it an emptier place, and leaves humanity that much more in need of some sort of justification for our continued existence here.

Alas, most people are small enough already not to even notice the general diminishment...

Christopher O said...

Who's next? Godard...? His retrospective at the Pompidou shows he's still being a good ol' pain in the ass.