Thursday, July 05, 2007

Berrigan Brothers - Two Films at Blim, July 20

Of interests to activists, peaceniks, Catholics and students of the 1960s: I have a double bill at Blim scheduled for July 20th about Daniel and Philip Berrigan, two radical priests who, alongside other Christians, undertook direct actions against the Vietnam war and the production of nuclear arms. The films are The Trial of the Catonsville Nine (in which draft records were burned in a parking lot with homemade napalm) and the Plowshares Eight (a film by Emile de Antonio about an action in which protesters broke into an arms factory and poured blood on documents and hammered on nuclear weapons, symbollically beating swords into plowshares). The latter film I haven't seen - and, as I write this, don't even possess; I'm waiting for a copy in the mail. The former I can attest to as being very intellectually stimulating and VERY politically relevant. I plan to hand out photocopies of a very interesting article by Noam Chomsky on the Berrigans at the event. Pass it on - I'd like to see a crowd for this'un!

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