Saturday, June 16, 2018

Car-Free but not Cold-Free

Just what I needed: a health problem. Again!

Just a cold, mind you, but I feel crappy. Taking time off work to recuperate. Erika is out for the day so I'm hanging out with the cat, blowing my nose, sweating, and listening to music most of you wouldn't approve of (Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead at the moment, but maybe some Tragically Hip or Robert Plant next).

By the by, I finally got up the courage to check out Gord Downie's The Secret Path and was, as expected, cryin' all over myself in response. Real moving late gesture by him. I still haven't processed his death, really. I wasn't a huge fan but I do like some Hip and really enjoyed seeing them live the one time (at the Commodore on the World Container tour).

I have pretty much nothin' else to say at the moment, though. I did do this for the Straight, about tomorrow's Car-Free Day celebrations. They didn't credit Rowan's photograph or say who it was a picture of - Katheryn Petersen - but otherwise the article is pretty much as written. Rowan later winced to realize that actually he does know a bunch of people playing - he's not THAT out of the loop - but he was otherwise a sport about not bein' credited and appreciative of the press.

I got not much else at the moment. Hoping my cold will pass a bit so I can enjoy a few shows tomorrow. I will possibly also make it to the DOA Fight Back festival, in July, since I like the new DOA album quite a bit, and want to see David M., Ford Pier, and Doug Andrew supporting Joe. Did you know that DOA's Triumph of the Ignoroids was recorded on David M's four-track? He's thanked on the back. He has fun stories about the battle of the bands that DOA, No Fun, and Doug and the Slugs all were in when that was recorded (none of them won; the bands that did are totally forgotten now).

...Ah, here's the chorus: "Terrapin!" I remember Ty Scammell at the Flea Market declaiming "terrapin" as he recommended the album to me over 30 years ago. It was the first Grateful Dead album I ever heard. Now it's the only one I have - but I like it a lot, especially this side. Though it's not actually a side, since I'm listening to it on CD.


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