Thursday, April 19, 2018

Surgery 4

Surgery today. Fourth and final, I hope, after three failed attempts to shatter my kidney stone. I go to the hospital in a couple of hours for my uretoscopy; I will be knocked out, tubes will be stuffed up my penis, and I will (I hope) wake up stone-free, to pee out the pieces, hopefully with little pain. 

Then one more week of having a stent in me. Which as long as the stone isn't moving (most days) has been the bigger source of irritation, the thing that makes me bleed when I pee, that makes the urine burn, that makes me wake up at all hours to run to the washroom.

Anyhow, wish me luck.


David M. said...

Good luck. How'd it go?

Allan MacInnis said...

Success! With lingering after effects, but so far less awful than before, overall. I managed to sleep thru the night without getting up to pee, for one thing, though when I DO pee I am now passing fragments and it hurts like fuck. I got a new stent, too, to help the pebbles pass. It comes out May 30th, which will be the official end of this nearly year-long misadventure. I think I can live with the remaining symptoms and piss-pebbles til then.

Allan MacInnis said...

Sigh. Wake up after two and a half hours with urgent pee need... Race to the toilet in time... Sit up for three hours and pee four times during. Over a month of this (caused by the stent) - is it really necessary?

David M. said...

Would that I could offer you my own fine, strong, uncomplicated penis to urinate through!