Friday, April 13, 2018

Nada (plus Brian Jonestown Massacre, DOA, and Slow again)

Nothing exciting to report here.

I see gigs happening and feel detached. I hear of films playing and feel detached. I look out the window at the rain and my thoughts are of work I have to do, money I need, my health issues, my future, and my life ahead with Erika (patiently enduring my underemployment and my complaints about my health, though her own health has also had a few bad turns this year - a foot injury and a fall on a sidewalk while on a business trip... of course I am too preoccupied with the blood and fire shooting out my dick to give her equal attention but I'm trying not to be TOO miserabilist this time through. Kidney stones suck though - nothing good to say about the experience. Fourth procedure tentatively penciled in for April 19th, after three failed ones...). 

I mean, it's not like I am completely sidelined. I am kinda wanting to do something on the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and I am curious to hear what Joe has come up with for his new DOA album. Like this one, his last three or four albums have been pitched with words like  "DOA's most vital record since War on 45," so he knows what his last high water mark is well as anyone; and in honesty, I've thought his last three or four records were all pretty great punk records (especially by comparison to most of what DOA did in the 1990's and early 2000's, though Loggerheads is pretty great as well). I actually figure he's got a great punk rock album in him still. Maybe Fight Back will be it? It amuses me that he and I are finally geographically located in such a way that I am now in a position to vote for him. 

...And I will (by the way he's got a Burnaby townhall meeting or such scheduled for Wednesday of next week, though I will be at work). 

The Sunday Slow was interesting but there were elements in the night that overshadowed the actual concert, though Heather Haley was charismatic as ever, Slow did a couple of slow jammy almost funky/ bluesy things that I presume were new songs, which I had not heard before; and I was reminded of a great new song by them called "Nothing to Use" which I heard at the Fox and forgot about. There's a great album in the works, I think... lots else that I'm not really at liberty to get into (or just don't want to). 

I look out the window and see people walking by with umbrellas open. I smell my waffle cooking. I think I am going to stop writing, eat my waffle, and clean the apartment a little. Wish I had something more exciting to write.   Meh.

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