Friday, November 27, 2015

On being repeatedly photographed by the Pointed Sticks

I now have had two photographs of myself, highly visible in the crowd, taken by members of the Pointed Sticks. Back in 2006 (7?), Nick Jones snapped this from the stage at Richards on Richards, on a disposable camera, then passed the camera into the audience, where I ended up with it. I actually didn't know what to do with it - tried to take more pictures, but the camera was full; it was only afterwards that I clued in and had it developed. As you can see, not even ten years ago, I had significantly more hair:
Meanwhile, the other day Tony Bardach sent me this, from the 2015 Khats fest, presumably taken by him. That's my girl, Erika Lax, beside me in green:
Fans of the band will want to read my interview with Nick Jones, online-only, apropos of tomorrow's (ie., Saturday's) concert at the Rickshaw. Plus I have a print feature on Unleash the Archers and a short review of the new Billy Hopeless single, both in the current issue. I'm still spread a bit thin these days but I'm glad to have gotten a few articles out there; and I'll make sure to get down to the front row when the Pointed Sticks take the stage tomorrow in case they want to continue to document my presence at their gigs. 

Sadly, I will not be at this AKA/ Gerry Hannah/ Judys gig on Dec. 4th at VIVO since I just remembered a very important personal matter I must attend to... Gerry does do a couple of acoustic takes on Subhumans songs, which is a pretty good reason to turn up, if you're free, but I won't be. 

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