Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lenore Herb digitization - a concert at VIVO...

Well, there's a gig to consider: Dec 4 at VIVO's new location, the Judys, Gerry Hannah's band (the New Questioning Coyote Brigade, Gerry? Really?), I, Braineater, AKA, BAMFF, and the Salvos, are going to play as part of a drive to digitize the work of Lenore Herb. Apparently the new VIVO is near Renfrew Skytrain, 2625 Kaslo Street. 

I only talked to Lenore Herb once, and she and Bill Scherk were kind of in contention about how a Young Canadians event that both were involved in was going to go. I got frustrated at having two people telling me different things (get it straight before you talk to the press, folks!) so I didn't really maybe do it justice; she must have been terminally ill at the time, but said nothing of it... no idea where the tape for that interview is now, except it's probably in deep storage!

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