Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another video uploaded: the Flesh Eaters at Neumos', Seattle

Check it out! Amazing night, and though it was more of a stand-there-and-listen-to-it kinda show, there was quite the happy little mosh pit for the encores (powerhouse performances of "Pony Dress" and the Gun Club's "She's Like Heroin To Me.") Thanks to David Ames for the ride there and back and the good company (and hi to Ford Pier, spotted in the audience...).

I didn't shoot video of any of the best songs in the evening ("Satan's Stomp," say) but I might upload one more clip... Great stuff from Mudhoney, too!


Allan MacInnis said...

One more here -

Unknown said...

Thank you, Alan too. a most enjoyable time...and to find out we are close in age!