Monday, July 15, 2013

Of Kris Kristofferson

Despite my earlier piece considering the man and his music, I have nothing much to say about Saturday's Kris Kristofferson concert at the Red Robinson Show Theatre, but it was pretty sweet to hear my Mom humming along to this (and a few other songs that she recognized). Pleased that the audience, a few shouted attempts to engage with the singer aside, was pretty good at listening to the music, and Kris' presentation was warm, gracious, sincere, and stark - just the man and his guitar, with his daughter joining him for a handful of tunes (amusingly inclining her head towards her dad at the line in "The Pilgrim (Chapter 33)" about being a "problem when he's stoned." With 1000 seats, mostly all filled, tickets at around $85 a pop - that's not a bad haul for one 77 year old dude!

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