Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Maple Ridge: Shearing Pinx, Caribbean festival, etc

Well, the Shearing Pinx, the B-Lines, and Crystal Swells play Maple Ridge today - a place called Joel's Palace. I'm not even sure if the bands know where the hell that is; I sure don't.

Also today is some sort of Caribbean fest in Maple Ridge, climaxing, I believe, with a Los Furios show (local ska band with long history in town) and a performance by a Tosh (but not Peter).

The Rebel Spell are confirmed for tomorrow.

Hell with blogging, I don't live in Vancouver anyhow!

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Allan MacInnis said...

Here it is, folks - tonight's ShPx show, God knows when it starts, but you could probably check out Los Furious and the Tosh dude at the gazebo (center of town, outdoors, free) and mosey towards this gig around 9 or 10:

23802 123rd ave, Maple Ridge