Friday, July 30, 2010

Korean netcafe again

Great night at the Chilton tribute last night but (tho' I didn't have to wander the streets) once again I haven't slept and am at a Korean netcafe at 6am - the same one as the Eugene Chadbourne night! Thank God for Koreans.

Funny - I met a few people who read this blog last night. It's always strange to find myself talking with people who know this site - they have a bit of an advantage over me. For the record, single women who find my writing compelling are encouraged to introduce themselves online, in case I don't get up the jam to hit on them in person. I mean, it's awkward, right:

"Are you Allan MacInnis? I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog."
"Oh? Are you single?"


Mark said...

Hey Al

I am getting psyched about the final Glen Campbell album "Ghost on the Canvas". Check out his last album featuring covers by Greenday, Westerberg (Sadly, Beautiful), and Foo Fighters.

Apparently on his new (and last) albumn he is doing a Guided By Voices tune. Which one being the big question? ("Glad Girls"? "I am a Tree"? "Weed King"????)

As Julian Raymond, Glen's producer says, "this is not your mother's Glen Campbell."

Let's let Julian Raymond know we would like to see Glen Campbell in Vancouver on his farewell tour, with Westerberg or Bob Pollard or Josh Freese. Glen is crazy now, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link