Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exhausted and sore

Jeezus. First day back to real work. Yesterday was intake for new students, which I partook in, but today I was actually in class, morning and afternoon - my first day back since late November. My throat feels fucking RAW, which observation, in the presence of my many Asian students, I kept translating inwardly into Japanese ("nodo ga itai"), while straining to project my voice so that everyone could hear me. I will slowly adjust over the next few weeks, but in the meantime might even lose my voice entirely, as has happened more than once when I've returned after an absence. It makes me wonder how people like Max Cavalera of Soulfly (performing tonight at the Venue; see below for a link to my Straight interview with him) manage to do it; if and when he takes time off, how does he manage to get back onstage and bellow like he does without completely going raw?

I've been looking forward to tonight's Soulfly show, but at the moment, I really have my doubts I'll be able to make it. How I wish that my workplace - like the high school I taught at in Japan - had a teacher's lounge with an easy chair or couch or such, something that I could sink back into and relax for awhile. A nap would be thoroughly welcome...

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