Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Having Removed Some Stuff From My Blog

People interested in Vancouver punk history and/or activism may be disappointed to discover that I have removed some fairly controversial material from my blog recently. This site was being used in the service of what appears to be a couple of people's personal vendettas (against people other than myself, I should note), and while on the one hand I admit to having found much of what transpired fascinating, I ultimately have no interest in facilitating that sort of behaviour. Feel free to complain or post abusive comments below, but note that I also have turned on comment moderation, and will be simply deleting anything I consider ad hominem or slanderous... Cheerio.

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Anonymous said...

Having slogged my way through that stuff, I don't blame you in the slightest, Allan! It must be uncomfortable and embarrassing as hell, because, well, you're the HOST of it. I've had some long comment threads to PHOTOS I've posted on facebook, and it's quite uncomfortable, makes me want to delete it because I feel kinda responsible; plus its parto of my nature to avoid confrontation like the plague! - Scott B