Monday, February 11, 2008

SNFU, asSNFU, and Mr. Chi Pig

I was surprised by how good the Red Room SNFU show - or asSNFU, or whatever - was. I had no expectation Chi could still pull off a show that powerful - in his prime, he must have been an incredible performer. Though it would have been great to see SNFU with one or both of the Belkes, and tho' I can understand why Marc Belke doesn't want the band to be calling themselves SNFU now, the new guitarist was pretty damned good, too. I've been considering writing a story on Chi, but I think I'm giving it up, because:

A) I'm a fairly comfortable middleclass guy, pretty sheltered and in many ways naive, and I don't know that my questions wouldn't seem stupid or offensive, embarrassing to either him or me. It'd be awkward as hell -- thinking about a song like "Cockatoo Quill" and what it means given Chi's life now, I almost want to cry.

B) I don't think the new version of SNFU is together anymore, anyhow. The February 8th show at the Cobalt fell apart. I heard a few different stories about the reasons, but I'd be very surprised if that lineup plays again. If Chi can get a band together again, then at least there's the possibility of a story about how he's still performing - some slight angle of hope. I told Chi on Friday that if he gets something together again, we'll talk then.

C) Besides, I don't have enough in the way of pictures. Femke was there on the 8th, camera ready, but...

Anyhow, I'm posting this because I ran into a video of Chi performing "Hurt" and talking on camera on Youtube. It says more than I can.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing SNFU live in Edmonton years, and years and years ago (well... a looong time ago) and Mr. Chi Pig was quite the performer! A lot of enthusiasm and a heckuv a lot of jumping around, moving -- he doesn't stand still for a minute!

Too bad SNFU are gone, their older stuff is still the best. Fast and hard!


Anonymous said...

I just did sound and lights for them this past Thursday (October 30, 2008). Mr. Chi Pig is still alive and well and full of energy. The show was great.

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