Saturday, April 01, 2006

Timothy Carey on Farting and more

Just read this great article on Timothy Carey, pictured below.

It includes anecdotes about Carey and Kubrick and Carey and Cassavetes ("theanthropist" is misspelled -- it means the union of God and man, usually figured in the person of Christ, but here applied to Cassavetes) -- Carey worked with both men; apparently they were two of the very few directors who could deal with him. The article also includes a brilliant passage on Carey's feelings about farting; one line of Carey's is so good that I hereby declare it to be my quote of the week: "I always thought if you really want to be a good actor, you've got to be able to fart in public." Amen to that -- I'd place it on the fart-shelf next to Robert Stone's description of the attitude of a hippie guru towards flatulence, in his novel, Dog Soldiers (my favourite book): "Dieter farted loudly and without embarrassment. For every Cassavetes out there, who manages to beat the odds and make a few great films -- I wonder how many Careys there are?

An interesting profile/interview with Carey is here; plus you can apparently buy copies of some of Carey's work from his son's appreciative website, here. I feel so fond of this man tonight, I think I'll go pick myself up a copy of Kubrick's The Killing, or maybe Paths of Glory, just to see him in them again.

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