Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Winks play March 24th!

It is long past time that I actually made it out to another Winks show and this looks like the one. Wishing them well on their Canadian tour. The email from their mailing list follows the gig poster:
Hi there,

Its 5:30am and we're about to leave for tour. When we get back there's going to be quite a happening at our space, The Castle in The Clouds, Friday March 24th.

There will be music by Karl Blau(K Records), la Winks,Yukon & DJ Shmuel.

Karl Blau is really neat and from a strange and distant land. Check him out:

Attached is a poster but what it won't tell you is that Richard Beddoes & Marek Bula will be hanging art work from the walls.

And how to find this show you might ask. Well the address is 152 West Hastings. That's a little ways down the block(south side) from Cambie and Hastings. Look for friendly people behind a brown gate.

Doors are @ 9pm and cover is five dollars.

Todd, Tyr & Tim.

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