Thursday, March 09, 2006

John Cassavetes' Love Streams at the Vancity Theatre

Ah, happy day! My Discorder article on Cassavetes' Love Streams is online -- the piece that "Cassavetes in the Provinces," below, is meant to complement. I've been three times to see the film at the Vancity, and can report that there were definitely fewer than 100 people in total who saw the film during its Monday to Wednesday run -- tho' all appeared to enjoy it; I was so pleased to hear the audience laughing (or going really quiet) -- so pleased to be able to experience the film socially, as films are meant to be experienced. I don't think Tom Charity got to explain the mysteries of Jim the Dog (or to point out Xan Cassavetes' cameo -- she's cute!), but he did an excellent job framing the movie before the Tuesday screening, despite a few technical difficulties, and he was most happy to sign my copy of his book, John Cassavetes: Lifeworks (since, as he put it, I'm probably "the only person in Vancouver who's bought it!"). It's such a delightful film -- a far sweeter experience than Cassavetes' most difficult fare (Faces, A Woman Under the Influence) -- but by no means a lesser film of his... For those who haven't gone, it screens again on Sunday at 4PM. It's probably your last chance to see the film on the screen, and unless you know me personally, it's unlikely you'll be seeing it on VHS, since I believe I own the only copy in the city (there used to be a copy at a certain Rogers' video, but I sent it to a now-lost ladyfriend in New Jersey... it's available in France on DVD, but otherwise it's very hard to find). Cinema lovers will be doing themselves a grave disservice if they miss it...

Alas, I couldn't even use my birthday to leverage people into coming to the screening (it's your souls I'm thinking of, folks, really... when judgment day comes, make sure you mention that I tried...!). Of the 20 or so people I invited myself, only one showed up (thanks, Dan!) -- but he'd invited Heather of the Creaking Planks along, too, so really there were three of us (thanks, Heather! Glad you liked the film...!)... I'll be in attendance Sunday, so those of you who skipped the 7th have one last chance... For your souls...!


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