Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vancouver Badass Film Festival This Sunday!

Check out the various entries - shorts and two features - for the Vancouver Badass Film Festival here! A mere $10 for a whole Sunday's worth of gory, violent movie entertainment - event starts at 3pm Sunday at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour at Davie), and lasts until late. Click for trailers for the features, The Evil In Us (in which friends take drugs and turn into ravenous cannibal killers!) and Atroz, pictured above (Ruggero "Cannibal Holocaust" Deodato presenting a Mexican serial killer film! Looks pretty grim, though I personally never watch trailers for a film if I've already decided I want to see it, which certainly applies in this case).

Thanks tons to Danny Nowak for reminding me about this! See y'all there! (And note, if this seems interesting to you, you probably are a natural for the Northwest Horror Show coming up at the same location in April).

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