Sunday, November 01, 2015

Smilin' Buddha Halloween

Checked out the Smilin' Buddha last night for the first time! The skate ramp on either side made it a pretty amusing place for spectatorship: even before the whole thing was slick with beer, when people were relatively sober, there were vast numbers of pratfalls and faceplants and whatever it's called when you fall on your side, as people tried to make their way forward along the margins (or tried to hoist themselves to the ledges above to sit). But West of Hell was great, and Unleash the Archers was fantastic to see in that context - it was a lot of fun (I didn't see the first two bands). And then there was the costume party: anyone who moshes in a hot sweaty cramped pit dressed like Bender from Futurama DESERVES first prize, I say, though I was equally amused to see a Mr. Peanut in the pit.

(That's what I posted on Facebook just now, and all I'm gonna say about the night - don't worry, Brittney, it didn't show that you were drunk, though you sure smiled a lot onstage! More to come soon from me on Unleash the Archers.)

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