Thursday, November 05, 2015

Godspeed, 3 Inches of Blood! Plus a shopping tip

Shane Clark by bev davies, click for larger version

I really don't know if I'll get to see one of 3 Inches of Blood's farewell shows this weekend (see Mike Usinger on that here, and bless the dude for doing this article, it's exactly what I hoped the Straight might do). I'm missing the (sold out) show with Black Wizard and Bison on Saturday, to see DOA. Sunday is actually kind of tempting, but we will have to see. I'm glad that Bison will be taking Shane from 3 Inches (pictured above, with Bison, at the Hindenburg a few months ago) as their new bassist... people also missing Saturday can catch Shane with Bison when they open for Yob, Dec. 31st, at the Rickshaw.

I'm listening to Long Live Heavy Metal as I type this... I wasn't a fan of it back in 2012, because I was mostly listening to death metal and black metal back then, having returned to metal from a decades-long absence... but nowadays if I want metal I'm more likely to go for Priest or Maiden than Deicide or Gorgoroth, so I'm liking 3 Inches plenty...

...and speaking of that album, fans who missed out on the limited edition gold vinyl version (2LPs, 45rpm) can still get it at a big box outlet store in Maple Ridge, who, with an almost impressive lack of imagination, call themselves Big Box Outlet Store. (They're a Costco liquidator, primarily - lotta Kirkland on their shelves). Other locations might have copies, too, I don't know. I paid just over $19 for mine. It doesn't seem like that hot a collectible - there are copies just as cheap for sale on Discogs - but hey, it was limited to 666 copies, and I'm very happy to have on vinyl, so... fans might want to take advantage o' the deal!

Godspeed, 3 Inches of Blood! 

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