Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ah, David M.

It's almost time for Christmas Alone in No Fun City this year, the 30th anniversary of such shows in Vancouver. Apparently David M. will be doing TWO such shows this year, *and* releasing a (likely fairly limited) CD box (read: baggie) of NO FUN Christmas shows.

Apparently he also likes the band name, NO FUN, all in caps, which I've never realized (until very recently, obviously).

Anyhow, David has a new poster, which may or may not give you a sense of the spirit of a NO FUN Christmas show. Actually, you might infer from David's posters that he really, really hates Christmas, and is determined to take the piss out of it (or piss all over it) at every turn, but in fact, he rather likes it, and has lots of Christmas-themed CDs and movies and such. I know this from firsthand experience of the David M. collection, long may it run.

This is the new poster for the 30th anniversary of Christmas Alone in No Fun City. Brace yourselves! (And click it for a larger version).

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