Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sonics at the Venue: an early show, Saturday July 18th

You know, I don't really dig the whole "early show" thing. Even though it makes it much easier for us suburban transit-users to actually see the whole of a concert, there's something kind of no-funnish about starting a rock concert at 7pm. More than one show I've been at has been cut off just as it was starting to cook; plus it seems like a vote of non-confidence in the band to bring in an audience - though the reality sometimes seems to go the other way, since I've been at concerts where hundreds of people were present for the live music then told to leave to make way for tens of people to listen to DJs.

Be that as it may, lately I've been feeling like I have to see the Sonics - that it would be an insult to garage rock if I don't seize the opportunity to catch them just once. And I don't really care if the show at the Venue (with the Tranzmitors opening!) ends early. Plus This is the Sonics, their new album (yes, folks, THEIR NEW ALBUM) is pretty terrific. I mean, "Save the Planet" alone is worth the price of a ticket...

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