Friday, January 16, 2015

RIP Lorna Towers of the New Creation

I rather love the New Creation's Troubled - the Vancouver Christian garage rock record that has attracted so many fans since its resurfacing, having been lost for so many years. I wrote about the unexpected follow up to that album, A Unique Disaster, here, and have been priviliged to count the male of that band, Chris Towers, as a friend - an earnest, likable, and decent man with a rich inner life, passionate and sympathetic political views, and a very interesting musical sensibility. I'm delighted to have gotten him to perform at a birthday event a few years ago - see here for more on that. His Mom, the band's other lead vocalist and songwriter, was always somewhat intimidating to me, by comparison: a conservative, outspoken, opinonated Christian and a fan of the Left Behind series, the few times I met her I was definitely at a disadvantage, since I neither wanted to argue with her beliefs nor submit to her authority and be chastened for my own views and lifestyle (which I doubt she'd have approved of much). Still, she was a bright, creative, charismatic character, who led a very interesting life, had a unique and engaging singing voice, and her songs - I gotta hold this one up as the masterpiece, positing a massive conspiracy to fake a God-denying archaelogical record - were far more eccentric, in the best of all possible ways, than I think she could possibly have realized (my impression from talking to her on a few occasions was that she definitely thought herself to be one of the "normal" ones, and the rest of us weird; I suppose I did her a disservice by concealing my own strangeness from her, so we could really see the other). In any event, I'm very sad to report on her passing, which Chris Towers informed me of a few days ago (she passed on January 13th; Chris alerted me by email to say that "She went peacefully with all but one of her children beside her." I wanted to give it a couple of days before I reported on it. My condolences to her large family and many fans. Long live the New Creation!

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Allan MacInnis said...

October 24, 1924 – January 13, 2015

Lorna gently passed away at Blenheim Lodge in Vancouver in the presence of her family. Lorna is survived by her loving sons Chris (Lai Mi), Cedric (Laura), Charles (Michelle), daughters Kathleen (Robert) and Jane (Paul), grandchildren Naomi, Daniel (Laura), Leah (Nicholas), Emily, Katie, Tabatha, and Zachary, and great-grandchildren, Benjamin and Blake. Lorna is preceded by her husband Neil, sister Jean (Art), and brother Derek (Shirley). Lorna was born in Bombay, India, where she grew up, went to school at La Martiniere in Lucknow, and where she met her husband, Neil. During WW2 the happy couple settled in England where she worked at Bletchley Circle helping to break the German Enigma codes. After the war they immigrated to Canada, settling at last in Vancouver. Lorna enjoyed traveling, visiting Australia, the US, Mexico and Israel. She then lived eight happy years in Hawaii, before moving back in Vancouver where she worked 21 years as an apartment manager before retiring. She was a poet, playwright, novelist, song writer and singer. Lorna’s love for God was intense and unwavering. She brought light and joy to all she met. Her zest for life and compassionate spirit will be missed by all who knew her. Our comfort lies in knowing that she is safe now and happy with Jesus in Heaven. Her generous heart, effervescent humour and beautiful presence will be remembered forever. A celebration of Lorna’s life will be held on Saturday, January 17th, at 2pm at Aberthau Mansion at 4397 West 2nd Avenue. No flowers or gifts, please. If friends wish, donations may be made to Lorna’s favorite charity, World Vision.