Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early voting in Mouseland

On the way to work this week, as I walked towards the spot on the train platform where I usually board, a smiling politician greeted me with an out-thrust hand and the usual shtick: hi-how-are-ya-I'm-so-and-so, can-I-count-on-your-support? I looked at what was emblazoned on his jacket, and replied: "You're a BC Liberal? Good luck!" - in a sort of ya-right-buddy kind of way. I continued on without shaking his hand, but he was already offering it to someone else, anyhow.

It's been a pretty aggressive election campaign, by BC standards. I even got a form letter in the mail from Adrian Dix, hand-signed by the guy, which was something new to me. I scanned it for grammatical errors (there were a few in his self-mocking April Fools anti-ad); unsurprisingly, it didn't really impress me as a piece of prose. 

All the same, I voted NDP today (early polls are open). Christy Clark seems to me like a velociraptor in a suit; I guess I can't fault her for looking out for her class interests - the rich, the powerful, "the economy" - but I'd rather be governed by a mouse than a cat any day...

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