Thursday, May 09, 2013

Attention J-horror fans!

A tip for J-horror DVD purchasers in the lower mainland: London Drugs, everywhere that I've seen, has racks of "two for $10" DVDs (tho' they will let you just buy one at $5, fyi). Included on some of these racks at present (which tend to have similar films from location to location) is the Unrated, Extended Director's Cut of Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge - the English language remake of Ju-On. This DVD is over six minutes longer than the theatrical release (and the initial DVD issue) and  I am told and do believe that it is the superior version and should be considered definitive. A scene-by-scene breakdown of differences between cuts is here. I liked The Grudge, but not as much as other Shimizu films (like Marebito, say), so I'm very interested to revisit this alternate version. 

That's it - a helpful shopping tip for horror fans who look in on my blog. Cheers. 

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