Monday, March 22, 2010

Fake Jazz Festival: There Will Be Pancakes

The pancakes at the first ever Vancouver noise pancake event at Blim a few years ago, plus a pic of the self-proclaimed head pancake chef in his Nihilist Spasm Band t-shirt. The damn thing bleeds red ink to this day and must be hand-washed in the bathtub.

The Fake Jazz Festival starts this week, at different venues around town, corresponding on the weekend with the Western Front's Not The Noise series and a performance by KK Null. There will be pancakes on Sunday at the Casa Del Artista - the Front's website mistakenly states that the pancakes and noise happen sequentially (pancakes from 1pm, noise from 6pm) but I assure you as long-standing noise pancake chef that that is not the case: the whole point is to have the noise and the pancakes simultaneously, and I'm told by Anju that the pancakes in this case will correspond to performances by Coingutter and Ejaculation Death Rattle. I sneakingly suspect that in fact the demand for pancakes among noise fans will keep us flipping until far later into the performances.

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