Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tonight At 1067: Dolly the Sheep's Birthday Celebration!

Dolly the sheep was put down in 2003 because of varied illness; I've read speculation that this was caused by a genetic disorder that resulted from her cloning, but her Wikipedia page suggests otherwise. In any event, Dolly's short life, we gather, was not pleasant towards the end. Dolly is now a stuffed artefact on display in Scotland.

For those concerned with biotech, the patenting of living organisms, copyrights and copylefts, and/or people who just really like sheep, there's a must-attend opening at 1067 tonight: Femke Van Delft and Dave Chokroun's collaborative event, "The Dolly Project," commemorating Dolly's unnatural ovine birth. On sale, I believe, will be a limited CD (or CDR?) release with a Femke-knitted cover, as shown above! Femke's email to me is as follows:

The Dolly Project:
a collaborative work by Dave Chokroun and Femke van Delft
with Carol Sawyer, voice

Six birthday songs for Dolly the sheep (July 5, 1996 - February 14. 2003).
150 musical transformations
50 unique pieces of art
One premiere performance

with more live music by
Jeff Younger's Devil Loops
The Sorrow and the Pity (Dave Chokroun + Darren Williams)
Door 7pm
Music 7:30 sharp!

More information at Advanced Musical Research!

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