Friday, January 02, 2009

RIP Donald E. Westlake

I only note obituaries here for people I was actually a fan of. I know Freddie Hubbard did some fine work, but I've never really followed it; there was one really out-there CTI recording that I'd probably spin again if I bumped into it, but other than his appearance on Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz, I suspect I own nothing with him on it. My condolences to those who knew him or loved his music, I mean no disrespect. Donald E. Westlake, however - fuck, do you KNOW how many Parker novels I've read? I've lost count. I'd guess about a dozen, both the originals and a few of the new ones. I've seen a bunch of the film adaptations, too (The Outfit is likely the best of those I've tracked down, but I enjoyed the non-funny director's cut of Payback more than I would normally care to admit. I haven't seen Godard's Made In USA yet).

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