Friday, January 16, 2009

Overwhelmed and Sore

After a few months of seasonal depression and exhaustion, where I didn't want to write at all, I had a brief creative spurt, followed by the onset of a Repetitive Strain Injury in my neck and shoulder. I have been avoiding the computer as much as possible, since mousing gives me an intermittent but wince-inducing sharp pain in the neck... I have a few other things to post today, but then I have to escape the blog for awhile, to focus on some promised projects for magazines. I keep saying this sort of thing, and I keep posting three times more than most bloggers, but I will be away for most of next week, I hope... Thought I'd tell y'all.

Hey: gig notice: Sinoia Caves, the side project by Jeremy Schmidt (of Black Mountain and BCVCO) play the Biltmore on Saturday. I actually find their CD, while texturally pretty, a tad oversimple and thus, um, boring (sorry!), but I love Schmidt's playing with his other projects and hope that live he'll pique my excitement further. I skip half the gigs I write about these days but you might actually see me at this one.

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